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The Future Genesis Mission

FGen endeavors to provide low cost, lab quality DNA banking and storage to anyone who desires it. FGen seeks to be a thought leader in DNA research and storage and to bring these services to customers in a succinct, understandable, affordable manner.

Learn, Safeguard & Invest in your Future

FGen empowers users and customers alike to think toward the future of scientific advancement. Our simple three part model first engages users to learn more about DNA research. FGen then encourages users to become customers by getting involved and actually storing your unique DNA fingerprint. FGen is your ultimate savings account; an investment today that can yield monumental dividends in the future.

Helping Humanity Combat Disease

FGen strives to make the world a better place, and be a major facilitator in helping humanity combat disease. Every swab kit we sell contains a swab designed to be passed along to the designated research organization of your choice. This donation, done anonymously, allows each customer to collaborate with researchers, and to do their small part in helping to eradicate disease.