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The High Tech, Modern Replacement for the Milk Carton Photo

A Blog from Jay Kaplan, COO and Founder of FGen

Let's rewind 20 years, to 1994, when I was just a 4 year old toddler. The local police department made it a point to tell all the parents of young children that they should all go to the local precinct to take a "milk carton photo". If you're any older than I am, then you surely remember the pictures of missing children on milk cartons. I'm sure it didn't take long, likely less than a week, for my mother to take me to the police station and take the photo.

The idea was a simple one. If there was ever a need for law enforcement to go searching for a missing child, parents would not want to waste time searching for a recent, presentable, good likeness photo of their child. A report written by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Department of Justice states that, "the first three hours are the most critical when trying to locate a missing child." In a situation where seconds are vital, and minutes could mean a trail of clues turning cold, the police wanted parents to be prepared, and not caught off-guard.

Now let's fast forward 20 years again. The goal of the milk carton photo was to cast the net far and wide in the hope someone somewhere will have seen the missing child. While the AMBER Alert System functions similarly, and has been largely responsible for the amazing stat that 97% of missing children are eventually recovered, parents can still take reasonable precautions on their own by storing their child's DNA.

DNA Identification is the standard by which law enforcement personnel will identify a missing person, match clues to verify the validity of a trail of clues, or identify remains. The future health benefits notwithstanding, parents would be wise to bank and store a DNA sample of their child for the same reason they took a milk carton photo. No parent wants to be frantically ransacking their home looking for a toothbrush, or hair sample to provide to law enforcement.

The ease by which this image can be avoided is startling. A full DNA Storage Package from Future Genesis will cost just $115, and there are bundled family packages that offer further savings. Future Genesis is always available to expedite the transfer of a sample from our lab to necessary law enforcement.

Don't put it off until tomorrow; store your family's DNA samples today to protect their safety later. For just $115, the peace of mind can be truly priceless.

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