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The Future Genesis DNA Storage Model

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Collect Your DNA

Receive your Cheek Swab Kit at home. Read all instructions, then collect and secure 3 samples of your DNA. Repackage the kit in the provided envelope and send back to FGen.


FGen will receive your Cheek Swab Kit, and process your samples. FGen will then store your samples in our -80 degree lab, and provide confirmation and peace of mind that your DNA has been successfully banked.

The why behind Future Genesis:

Why Store My DNA Today?

Storing your DNA is the ultimate precaution. Whether you are a parent with a young child, a professional warrior going into harm’s way, or simply are young and healthy, storing your DNA can provide you and your family peace of mind. If DNA ever needs to be matched, or a sample needs to be used for health reasons FGen is your partner, and serves to expedite any situation.

What can my stored DNA do in the future?

Future Genesis believes in the power of scientific research. We believe high tech healthcare advancements along with limb regeneration, and even human cloning will be possible in a few short years. Be ready to be a part of all innovations by having a clean sample of you or your loved one’s DNA properly stored.

Security of your Sample

Future Genesis strives to be an industry leader in the security of your DNA. Our lab is safe and secure, with only authorized personnel allowed in. We also allow each depositor to denote which family member(s) have the power to remove a sample. We endeavor to work with our customers to the highest security and ethical standards. FGen is fully HIPAA compliant. For more information check out our Privacy Policy.