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Hear from real people why DNA Storage was right for them

A New Parent

Patricia B., age 31, Marketing Director

“You cannot imagine the joy my daughter brings me. I am going to take care of her and make sure she gets everything she needs to thrive. But what if someone kidnapped her? My world would be shattered. It happens every day in America: stolen children. The FBI will ask for a toothbrush or hairbrush to obtain genetic material. What if my housekeeper has just cleaned and no clean material is available? Maybe I should just put her DNA on file now. Why take the chance of not having it if ever, God forbid, I need it.”

A Warrior

Steve, age 35, Rapid Deployment Force, US Army

“I am a professional soldier, a warrior, and I am regularly sent into harm’s way to defend my country. I am proud to serve, and I don’t overly worry about what might happen if I am hurt or become a casualty. But my family does. What if I needed a new limb or a transplanted organ? I know the Army has my DNA on file, but how does that help my family? What if, God forbid, my remains needed to be identified? It could take months; I don’t want to put my family through that.”

The Terminally Ill

Richard S. Born January 1951, Died July 2013

“I have lived a productive life. I am 62 years old, with a wife and two college aged children. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past month and was given at most four months to live. There is no known cure. I accept my fate, and am past all denial and anger. I have made peace with my family and my God. But I would surely like to live longer. How can I ensure that a sample of my DNA will endure after I have passed?”

The Young and Healthy

Josh K. age 22, recent college graduate

“I have recently graduated from Yale University, and am about to start my first job. Life is good, and the whole world is ahead of me. I have a loving fiancé, and in a few years I would like to have kids. But, what if I need a kidney or a liver in thirty years? Will I be able to find a compatible organ from the National Organ Transplant Registry? What if I’m not able to? What if my body rejects this organ? I know medical technology has made amazing breakthroughs, and surely the future holds many miracles. How can I be a part of this?”